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A Draft of the Program for the Winter Chorus Concert

By Anka Chiorini

The Mandatory Pentatonix Song

Arranged by that one guy from Pentatonix, you know the one

The Song About God, But it’s in Another Language, So it’s Okay

Based on a vaguely African folk song

Arranged by a white guy

The Pop Song Nobody Asked For, But They Also Don’t Hate?

Arranged badly

The Boring Song that No One Will Remember

Based on the poem by some dead guy whose name is vaguely familiar

Arranged by the same white guy who arranged the African song

The Song That’s All Solos Where the Chorus Looks Really Uncomfortable

Featuring the girl who gets all the solos, the guy who can actually sing, the guy who can sort of sing, and the girl who can do riffs and shit

The Sign Language Song

Special thanks to that one Deaf parent who told us we were great at ASL, but you could kinda tell she was lying

The Non-Denominational Holiday Song

Arranged by the aforementioned white guy


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