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A Letter From Thanksgiving

By Nina Patel:

Hey Pal,

It’s me, Thanksgiving. Yeah, that’s right, I bet you forgot about me, sandwiched between my overbearing siblings, Halloween and Christmas. But I’ve always been here, neglected, underappreciated, but festive nonetheless.

I just want to understand what it is that I’m doing wrong. Do I not get you time off from school? Do I not provide a universally accepted excuse to eat an absurd amount of food? Do I not allow you to get together with family who you only vaguely recognize after seeing them once a year for an hour at a time for as long as you can remember? Okay, well that part might not be the best, but still, it’s worth it for the food that one lady brings, even if you’re not totally sure who she is or how she’s related to you.

Maybe I should be more extravagant like my siblings, but I personally believe that beauty is found in simplicity. Like the very simple task of trying to book a flight three days before Thanksgiving because your passive aggressive mother-in-law guilted you into skipping your trip to the Bahamas and visiting her in Nashville instead.

Oh! And what’s the deal with your musical taste during Thanksgiving? Could you really not manage to write a single song about giving thanks? Or at least about turkeys? It can’t possibly be that hard. You manage to come up with songs about a possessed snowmen and ostracized reindeer for Christmas, but you can’t figure out a jingle for cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes?

Look, I’m not asking for much here. I’m just looking for a little more Thanksgiving spirit. Maybe write a song or two, or at least hold off on putting your Christmas tree out until December. Just one month, that’s all I want. Oh yeah, and think about what you’re thankful for or whatever.

Yours truly,



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