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I want to eat.

By Isaac Margolis

When I awake, the emptiness is like a constant ache I long for something to fill the void, to soothe my tumtum But all I find is emptiness, a hunger unfulfilled A void that grows with every passing hour 

I feel like I'm fading, disappearing into thin air Until I'm nothing but a ghost, a hungering despair. 

The aroma of chili oil lemon pasta, the sizzle of a fried egg The crispness of a perfectly fried banana 

All make my mouth water with anticipation. 

It's an insatiable desire that can't be ignored 

From savory to sweet, from salty to spicy 

I crave it all, every taste, every bite. 

One day I came across a bowl 

Filled to the brim with cooked noodles, 

I stole some from the bowl 

And made what soon came to be 

the food that stole my heart instantly: 

Chili Oil Lemon Pasta.

As I experimented with my next masterpiece, 

Each version had a slightly different taste. 

One too sweet, one too spicy 

But in the end, I found the perfect recipe. 

And as I placed the finished product on my waiting tongue, I gasped in delight, savoring the unique taste of the noodles. 

I am surrounded by food, by heaps and heaps of it in my dreams When I wake, I wipe away the tears that form from the loss Every time I find myself awake in bed, without food I die a little more inside 

Putting the first bite of any dish in my mouth 

I let it sit in my mouth for just a moment 

Letting my tongue feel the texture 

Before slowly swallowing 

The rush of passion that overcomes me when I see food Is incomparable to none 

I cannot keep myself from lunging 

Running, throwing myself over whatever stands in my way

To get a single taste. 

Food is more than just sustenance to me It's a passion. A love affair. An obsession.


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