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Ode to Blankie

By Alyssa Huang She arrived in my hands, an ethereal gift

Her sweet factory scent

tickling my nares

like blooming lilacs on a sunny spring day

Soft, fluffy purple fleece on one side

Silky and pink with a stitched butterfly design on the other

Each thread offering comfort by the touch

I named her Blankie

My very first best friend

My partner in crime

We stuck together throughout day and night

Throughout every meal and every venture

Two peas in a pod

Like Batman and Robin

Until the fateful day

When I was admitted into preschool,

but Blankie was not

Blankie kept strong

She dabbed my face dry

patted my hand

and opened the large, hefty preschool doors

With timid steps

I forced myself forward

My small frame shaking due to the unfamiliar departure

Separation from my companion, Blankie

After that ceaseless preschool day,

my feet bounded up the stairs

Blankie greeted me at the edge of my bed

So patient, so loyal

Like the dog I’ve never had

Weeks later, I arrived home

Excited to find my partner in crime, Blankie

But my bed appeared barren

No beautiful blanket in sight

Fear raced down my spine

My chest thundered

Air from my breath grew faint

Dirty clothes flew into the air

Sore eyes scoured every unmade bed

under every chair

and our favorite snack spots

Until finally,

A glimpse of Blankie’s pink belly

Swirling in circles like a whirlpool

Blankie appeared imprisoned

behind a clear door with a round metal frame

Patrolled by two silver knob-guards

Called “High Heat” and “Tumble Dry”

I heaved the dryer door open

And Blankie flew into my arms

Still warm and damp with sweat

Her wonderful familiar scent of used socks faded

Replaced with the foreign smell of Tide detergent

But I still recognized Blankie

and hugged her tight

Years passed

I grew taller, and Blankie grew paler

Until one day,

I noticed a few crevices

between Blankie’s fuzzy purple back and her soft pink belly

Blankie had fallen apart

Hot tears drenched my face

But I remained collected and jumped into action

My fingers, skilled like a surgeon,

Wove a thin needle into Blankie’s soft purple flesh

Blankie’s face wrinkled and winced

as I sealed her gaping wound

Her cries vibrated in my eardrums

While I cradled her in my arms

After an hour of surgery

Blankie emerged fixed and healthy

All seemed well

We hugged each other in relief

Later that night,

Hushed tones emerged

behind by parents’ bedroom door

I kissed Blankie goodnight

and crept to my parents’ door like a ninja

Pressing my ear against the keyhole,

I listened

My parents whispered about adoption

Searching for Blankie’s twin sister

Did she even exist?

Two determined sets of hands

clicked purposefully on computer keys

scrutinizing every international adoption facility -

Amazon, Ebay, and Babies R Us

But after three days of searching

Seeking in vain,

both parents surrendered the investigation

Because no identical Blankie exists

A fact I have known all along.


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