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One Take On Spirit Days

By Rose Aune

Why I dress like myself on every school spirit day (from that one kid who wears the same DC comics shirt and jeans every day):

Hawaii Day: I went there once, now I’m an unforgettable part of the state.

Book Character Day: Preparing for my future biography.

Iconic Duo Day: Codependence is problematic.

Role Model Day: Idolization is a sin.

Pajama Day: I wear this 24/7.

Wacky Hair Day: Originality is overdone.

Beach Day: This is my beach attire.

Superhero Day: Clark Kent wore normal clothes too.

Dress Like a Teacher Day: What kind of teacher wouldn’t wear this?

Class Shirt Day: I have no problem with the entire class buying my shirt.

Baby Day: I’ve been wearing this outfit since infancy.

Ugly Sweater Day: Why would I buy a sweater that is intentionally hideous?


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