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By Sascha Nastasi-Feinburg:


Welcome to WattStars Unlimited, a new casting service dedicated to casting adapted Wattpad novels only, which will be made for our brand new streaming service Pad+. Below you’ll find our two latest listings; please apply with pictures to any role you may feel right for. All the characters are teenagers and we will definitely cast 25-year-olds. Feel free to submit actual teenagers … they won’t be called back but who's stopping you from trying?

This week, we’re highlighting stories of love and confusion.

The Good Girl Stole My Hoodie (based on the Wattpad original by CupcakeLuvr126. She wrote it all whilst in the hoodie aisle at Old Navy and has garnered over three hundred million reads).

Logline: Sarah’s a good girl who’s never done a bad thing in her life. One day everything changes. When she accidentally steals Miles Travistee’s pale grey hoodie, mistaking it for her own pale grey hoodie which is a half shade darker, her life is flipped upside down. When Sarah is seen wearing Miles’s hoodie, rumors abound and what follows is a passionate and fraught romance which threatens to be torn apart by the fact that they often confuse whose hoodie is whose. Will their love overcome the confusion?

[SARAH GOODY] 16. Female. A good girl. Blonde. “I’m Sarah Goody and I stole a hoodie,” Sarah famously says exasperatedly to her best friend Caroline Uno Di Mensiona. Her pet turtle got run over whilst trying to cross the street and Miles helps her cope. She likes to color code.

[MILES TRAVISTEE] 17. Male. A longhaired bad boy who only wears hoodies in various shades of grey. Perpetually confused looking. Often found casually leaning on lockers. His grandparents died while playing mini golf and Sarah helps him cope. He does not like to color code initially, but Sarah teaches him the beauty of organized notes.

[REEF VAN KINKLE] 17. Blonde. Male. Miles Travistee’s best friend. Loves to surf. We hope to cast someone who looks like Jacob Sartorious. Preferably Jacob Sartorius himself.

[CAROLINE UNO DI MENSIONA] 16. Italian. Female. Sarah’s best friend. Really nice. Talks with her hands (of course).

[GEORGIA DAWSON] 16. Blonde. Female. Super blonde. Even blonder than Sarah Goody which is (naturally) a point of conflict. Has a thing for Miles and his hoodies.

[MELISSA GOODY] 44. Sarah Goody’s mom. Makes Sarah toast for breakfast. Has three lines because adults are irrelevant and distract from steamy teen romance. But remember: no small parts, only small actors. Well… maybe small parts if they’re adults.

[MELVIN GOODY] 46. Sarah Goody’s dad. Always off to work! See Melissa Goody’s description for more details on Adult characters.

[PRINCIPAL HARDY] 50s. Super grumpy. Owns many pale grey hoodies himself, but does not wear them to school. See Melissa Goody’s description for more details on Adult characters.

I Fell in Love with a Cannibal because I Thought He Was a Vampire (based on the epistolary Wattpad novel, which started as Twilight fanfiction, by x0xTwilightx0x).

Logline: When Missy Ramsey meets mysterious stranger Jackson Kannibale in an alleyway while walking home from her babysitting job, she is transfixed. He’s handsome, he’s pale, and he looks really hungry. When he shows up in school the next day at her lunch table, she knows it is more than a coincidence. She thinks she knows what he is. But she doesn’t. As their wondrous romance persists, he becomes hungrier and hungrier, and as tensions rise the conflict becomes clear: he loves her but he really wants to eat her (none of that sophomoric blood sucking bullshit, by the way). She’s clumsy. She might just accidentally fall into his mouth. Soon, Ugly Sandra becomes involved with Jackson Kannibale’s twin, Jason Kannibale, and a love square is formed due to confusion between which twin is which and, ultimately, who wants to eat who.

[MISSY RAMSEY] 15. Brunette. A loner who spends all of her time babysitting. Above all else, she is clumsy. Seriously clumsy. None of the regular high school boys interest her but Jackson Kannibale is different. He has a real hunger for life, both figuratively and literally.

[JACKSON KANNIBALE] 16. Very pale, very handsome, and very hungry. Please do not submit if you only possess ⅔ of the aforementioned attributes. We are only interested in those who possess 3/3.

[JASON KANNIBALE] 16. Jackson’s twin. Very pale, slightly less handsome, and slightly less hungry, but still very handsome and hungry nonetheless. Both Sandra and Missy often confuse the twins with one another which leads to a love square (or rectangle, if you prefer).

[UGLY SANDRA] 15. Missy’s best friend. She is super nerdy. She texts exclusively in haikus. Please only submit conventionally attractive people as we will make Ugly Sarah ugly by giving her glasses and a vomit-stained shirt. It’s a foolproof method. Midway through, Ugly Sarah will transform when we take off her glasses and curl her hair. After her transformation, she enters a relationship with Jason Kannibale.

Check back here next week to submit pictures for the chance to audition for more Wattpad fan favorites including:

Tara the Tomboy: A Story of Redemption

Yours Truly, the Babysitter

We Had Everything: Until We Didn’t


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