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Tips And Tricks To Get A 5 On Your APs

By Libby Nook

  1. Cuddle with your Barron’s Book

  2. If you don’t have a Barron’s Book to cuddle with, purchase one immediately.

  3. Only color-code your notes in rainbow order (R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.). Rainbows are good luck.

  4. Try to get into character. Ex: If you are studying for AP US History, listen to the original Broadway soundtrack of Hamilton as you study. If you are studying for AP Environmental Science, go outside and pet some grass.

  5. When in doubt, turn any material you struggle with into a song to help you remember it for test day. If the song is a potential SoundCloud hit, don’t be afraid to record and release it. All publicity is good publicity.

  6. Make an inspirational study playlist. Personally, I study best by listening to a combination of folk, reggae, and acid techno music.

  7. Sleep with your study guides under your pillow. This allows the information to seep into your brain as you snooze.

  8. Visualize. The greatest athletes visualize their greatest successes. Utilize this method. Ex: The morning before the exam, imagine yourself demolishing the College Board in a high-intensity boxing match.

  9. When in doubt, watch a Magic School Bus episode. Ms. Frizzle always has your back.

  10. Take the entire test with your toes crossed and your fingers crossed (on your non-dominant hand). It’s good juju.

  11. Once you finish the test, completely forget it ever occurred until you are humbly reminded randomly in July. If any or all of the APs go poorly, this means you failed to utilize the tips above. At this point, you have three options: move to L.A. and become an influencer, move to Wyoming and become a rodeo sensation, or spend your entire life working at your local Mcdonald's.


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