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  • The Pot

    Benji Elkins, Asher Hancock, & Isaac Berman

  • The Trailer of the Century

    Asher Hancock, Ben Marder, & Benji Elkins

  • Stubbed

    Benji Elkins, Asher Hancock & Isaac Berman

  • An Expert's Guide to Psychological Warfare Part 1

    By Asher Hancock: I’ve always been fascinated by how humans are wired, by the ins and outs of our respective minds.

  • I Listened to 3 Dark Web Podcasts and Was Pleasantly Surprised

    By Asher Hancock: In March of 2019, I set out on a journey that no man had ever attempted before. Podcast for Asher Hancock In documenting the dark web, I have apparently been discovered by a woman named Polly who has made a podcast where she talks about her obsession with me.

  • Not a Poem, A Composition of Rhyming Phrases That Are Not Insecure About Their Identity

    By Asher Hancock: Disclaimer: This is not a poem; any rhymes are unintentional.

  • An Experts Guide to Psychological Warfare Part 2

    By Asher Hancock: In Part 1 of this series, I explored two examples of tactics that are guaranteed to infiltrate the mind of your enemies and destroy them from the inside.

  • Zoom Music Festival Forgets To Unmute

    By Asher Hancock: Throughout the pandemic, I have written piece after piece about the state of the world and have become somewhat of an expert on COVID culture.

  • Reviewing Movies Solely on Their Name

    By Asher Hancock: This article provides accurate reviews of movie titles, with no correlation to the actual movies or plots themselves. This is just one of many articles to appear in the book that will be written about me after I die, adequately titled Musings of a Madman On Death Row, The Asher Hancock Story.

  • Revisiting Childhood Aspirations 20 Years Later

    By Asher Hancock: In October of 2000, researchers conducted a survey on twenty kindergarten students in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In October of 2020, Milking Cat investigative reporter Asher “$10” Hancock checked in with those kids once again after all those years. Below is the transcript of the Zoom interview: Asher Hancock (AH): Hi kids, or,I guess I should say, adults. The Zoom call will end right… *Zoom Call Ends, not because of the Wizard but because Asher could not handle to hear more about how their generation had squandered all their opportunities to pursue nonexistent or illegitimate goals. Asher sighed with relief knowing that he would invest all his time and money into selling novelty adult bibs on Etsy, the noblest profession known to man

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