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  • Revisiting Childhood Aspirations 20 Years Later

    By Asher Hancock: In October of 2000, researchers conducted a survey on twenty kindergarten students in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In October of 2020, Milking Cat investigative reporter Asher “$10” Hancock checked in with those kids once again after all those years. Below is the transcript of the Zoom interview: Asher Hancock (AH): Hi kids, or,I guess I should say, adults. The Zoom call will end right… *Zoom Call Ends, not because of the Wizard but because Asher could not handle to hear more about how their generation had squandered all their opportunities to pursue nonexistent or illegitimate goals. Asher sighed with relief knowing that he would invest all his time and money into selling novelty adult bibs on Etsy, the noblest profession known to man

  • The Trailer of the Century

    Asher Hancock, Ben Marder, & Benji Elkins

  • Stubbed

    Benji Elkins, Asher Hancock & Isaac Berman

  • The Pot

    Benji Elkins, Asher Hancock, & Isaac Berman

  • Surprisingly Successful String of Mime Bank Robberies

    By Asher Hancock: The mime - a somewhat entertaining, somewhat alarming creature - dwells mainly in France and, according to stereotype, feeds primarily off of baguettes – or whatever else French people eat.

  • The DNC Worth Caring About

    By Asher Hancock: The 2020 Democratic National Convention took place this week, and will likely stand alone in history as the first-ever virtual event of its kind.

  • Chester the Old Man's Teen Advice

    By Asher Hancock: Hello, if you are a newcomer to this column, the name is Chester, Chester Boone.

  • Tips for Conquering Boredom

    By Asher Hancock: Though the country’s restrictions may be loosening up, the future remains uncertain and many people continue to keep their distance from the outside world.

  • Most Shocking Scandals in History

    By Asher Hancock: In these turbulent and tumultuous times, it is much easier to focus on our differences instead of our scarce similarities.

  • Coronavirus Prevention: You're Doing it Wrong

    By Asher Hancock: In recent years, the exponential rise in technology has allowed people to consume more information than ever before.

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