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  • William Shakespeare Rises From Grave to Say, “Actually, Hamlet is Gay”

    By Julianna Reidell (with thanks to Dishari Barua): The residents of Stratford-Upon-Avon woke early last week to a commotion at the local Holy Trinity Church.

  • Bilight

    By Julianna Reidell: Twilight Saga Author Stephenie Meyer Joins Forces With Uncle Ted’s Publishing Company To Produce Bilight: Twilight Where Everyone Is Bisexual Fans Enthusiastic and Also Not Particularly Surprised No need to choose between just Team Edward or Team Jacob anymore, Twi-hards!

  • Classic Novel Nerd's Guide to the Perfect Halloween Costume: 2020

    By Julianna Reidell: The Classic Novel Nerd’s Guide to the Perfect 2020 Halloween Costume Written by The Milking Cat Hawaii, Where Halloween Hasn’t Happened Yet (and totally not The Milking Cat Pennsylvania, where someone is two days behind schedule) Welcome, Classic Novel Nerd - yes, I’m talking to you.

  • Diversity Meeting

    By Julianna Reidell: Diversity Meeting The author would like the audience to know that she has no actual issues with straight cis white men.

  • Uncle Ted's Gay Gothica

    By Julianna Reidell: Chances are, if you’ve endured high school, you’ve read the Sparknotes version of a Gothic novel.

  • Shakespeare For People Who Wish Shakespeare Was as Woke As They Are Now

    By Julianna Reidell, who sincerely apologizes for continuously writing parodies that require the audience to have read at least one Shakespeare play to understand them.

  • Virtual Porn Club Meet-Up Hacked by Municipal Council Trolls

    By Julianna Reidell: Inspired by the Times Chronicle Moans and gasps of sensual ecstasy were transformed into dry-heaves of boredom at last Thursday’s virtual porn club meeting when the online platform was hacked by a malicious city employee.

  • HAMLEX Commercial

    By Julianna Reidell: *Cue melodramatic music.

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