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  • Corona: The Real Truth

    By Noah Stern: INT.

  • The Pros and Cons of Being a Country Club Lifeguard

    By Arianna White: Pros: As a lifeguard, you basically get paid to sit around and do nothing. Cons: Since you sit around and do nothing for hours on end you are likely to go insane.

  • FBI Uncovers Russia’s Full Hacking Agenda

    By Noah Stern: In a startling press briefing early this morning, FBI Director Christopher Wray announced

  • Seeking Those Ready

    Has life been feeling like nothing more than a series of toe stubs, in which in between said stubs, you

  • Chester the Old Man's Teen Advice

    Here you are telling me you're scared of a non-alcoholic drink that is a gateway to nothing but further

  • New Air Freshener

    KENNEDY: Woah, dude… smells like weed in here. Better get this cleaned up.


    That’s why BonaFeed has created all new Breast milk flavored food, BoobaFeed, because nothing says comfort with the food itself, projectile vomiting, possible colic, and a great night's sleep.* There Was Nothing

  • The Milking Cat Plus

    to laugh at Noah Stern’s sports jokes anyway, to how none of the editors can remember what The Milking Live streaming of Benji Elkins’ and Noah Stern’s fight to the death over the last potato chip. The Milking Cat Plus will have many live streams, including a live stream of Benji Elkins’ and Noah Stern But be sure to pay close attention, because Noah Stern has been known to steal precious lamps and vases A completed version of Noah Stern’s “A Milking Cat Thanksgiving" Just as my family still hasn’t finished

  • The DNC Worth Caring About

    Everybody knows that there’s nothing like a good party, and the Dude Nation Convention certainly threw


    In response to The Milking Cat's lack of content this week, the editors had this to say: Editor Noah Stern: Protesters can lick my boot. (Stern did not elaborate on who Jack was.)