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  • Don't Ever Change

    Noah Stern & Spencer Armon 5/13/19

  • A Collection of Anecdotes From Our Time as Poll Workers

    By Noah Stern & Spencer Armon: This election day, we put our lives and livelihoods on the line and defended the institutions of democracy by answering the call to become a poll worker. *Anecdotes 1-3 by Noah Stern, 4-5 by Spencer Armon Anecdote 1: Don't Vote Twice In the training videos sent to us by the Montgomery County Board of Elections, a kind man named Jonathan walked us through the process of interacting with voters and showing them how to use the ballot scanner.

  • The Milking Cat OnlyFans Reviews

    By Spencer Armon: Earlier this week, Benji Elkins, CEO of the Milking Cat, announced that the popular teen comedy website would try its hand at creating an OnlyFans.

  • Dave and Chris Figure Out Kunefe

    By Noah Stern and Spencer Armon: CHRIS: What’s up, Dave?

  • A Poem of Displeasure

    By Spencer Armon: As a visionary and dedicated reader of The Milking Cat, it has become brutally evident that the Editor-in-Chief, Ben "Jammin"Elkins, is quite simply no longer fit to run Southeastern Pennsylvania's version of The Onion. In fact, I am so furious about the current goings-on of The Milking Cat that I wrote a poem in ABCB rhyme scheme expressing my displeasure: Roses are Red Violets are Blue I spoke with Soslowsky We're starting a coup Ben's time has come The cat is failing But when I get in charge It will be smooth sailing New times are ahead With Spencer in charge Noah can stay Benji is discharged There will be more to come Featuring my displeasure New articles monthly Noah Stern is a treasure I took over The Cat So bid Ben adieu A change in command The Cat's started anew Note: Editor Benjamin Elkins forced me to add this note to the end of the poem or he would prevent it from being published.

  • NBA Alternatives

    By Spencer Armon: With the NBA season in limbo due to the Covid-19 pandemic, owners, executives, and fans alike have begun to wonder about what the rest of the 2020 season may look like.

  • Official Football Writers' Dictionary

    By Noah Stern & Spencer Armon: The business of writing about professional football often proves to be monotonous and repetitive.

  • The Last Name

    “Alex Spencer?”

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