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  • A Letter to the President

    By Benji Elkins: Dear President Trump, Every summer my family and I take a vacation to the beach.

  • Hilarities and other Ad Nauseams

    By Benji Elkins: SCENE 1 (There is a small classroom. At the front stand the teacher, Mr.

  • Ice Cream

    By Benji Elkins: Every, time, the minute I step into the Stonedge Treats Shoppe I’m greeted with an inundation

  • The 3 Step Process

    By Benji Elkins: Johnny Abrahams had just exited the restaurant with a grin.

  • The Formal Wear and Care Shop

    By Benji Elkins: The corners of the store had a sharp granite edge, polished and elegant.

  • Revisiting Childhood Aspirations 20 Years Later

    It seems that The Milking Cat’s founder Benji Elkins is a subscriber himself and has repeatedly messaged AH: Damn 6 figures, Benji only pays me in fist bumps and backhanded compliments.

  • BREAKING: Baby Discovers Meaning of Life

    BREAKING: BABY DISCOVERS THE MEANING OF LIFE By Benji Elkins: In a ground-breaking philosophical announcement

  • The Boys - Episode 1

    By Benji Elkins: EXT.

  • The Violet State Café

    By Benji Elkins: The Violet State Café is home to many of the local residents of the Northwest Berkeley

  • A Poem of Displeasure

    dedicated reader of The Milking Cat, it has become brutally evident that the Editor-in-Chief, Ben "Jammin"Elkins kidnapping) of Samuel Richard as the Social Media Manager gives ample grounds for the removal of Ben Elkins I get in charge It will be smooth sailing New times are ahead With Spencer in charge Noah can stay Benji took over The Cat So bid Ben adieu A change in command The Cat's started anew Note: Editor Benjamin Elkins

  • The Last Name

    The substitute teacher scribbles a check mark on her attendance sheet and moves onto the next name, “Elaine

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