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  • A Letter to the President

    By Benji Elkins: Dear President Trump, Every summer my family and I take a vacation to the beach.

  • Hilarities and other Ad Nauseams

    By Benji Elkins: SCENE 1 (There is a small classroom. At the front stand the teacher, Mr.

  • Ice Cream

    By Benji Elkins: Every, time, the minute I step into the Stonedge Treats Shoppe I’m greeted with an inundation

  • The 3 Step Process

    By Benji Elkins: Johnny Abrahams had just exited the restaurant with a grin.

  • The Formal Wear and Care Shop

    By Benji Elkins: The corners of the store had a sharp granite edge, polished and elegant.

  • Revisiting Childhood Aspirations 20 Years Later

    It seems that The Milking Cat’s founder Benji Elkins is a subscriber himself and has repeatedly messaged AH: Damn 6 figures, Benji only pays me in fist bumps and backhanded compliments.

  • BREAKING: Baby Discovers Meaning of Life

    BREAKING: BABY DISCOVERS THE MEANING OF LIFE By Benji Elkins: In a ground-breaking philosophical announcement

  • The Boys - Episode 1

    By Benji Elkins: EXT.

  • The Violet State Café

    By Benji Elkins: The Violet State Café is home to many of the local residents of the Northwest Berkeley

  • A Poem of Displeasure

    dedicated reader of The Milking Cat, it has become brutally evident that the Editor-in-Chief, Ben "Jammin"Elkins kidnapping) of Samuel Richard as the Social Media Manager gives ample grounds for the removal of Ben Elkins I get in charge It will be smooth sailing New times are ahead With Spencer in charge Noah can stay Benji took over The Cat So bid Ben adieu A change in command The Cat's started anew Note: Editor Benjamin Elkins

  • Students “In Ha Mood” After Dismembering Math Teacher, 48, Because,“He Doesn't Like Ice Spice” 

    Elaine, 18, editor-in-chief of  St. She’s joined by John, 18, Elaine, 18, Mia, 16, and Kevin, 17. “We went in order of the quadrants on the unit circle,” Elaine explained. “Collaboration,” Elaine agreed. “Another St. Catherine’s value.” Following the event, John, Kevin, and Elaine have been expelled, and are awaiting their trial.

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