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The Milking Cat could not operate without its amazing staff. Below is a list of previous Milking Cat members who have made the site what it is today and their post-secondary school plans. 

Benji Elkins – Founding Editor – University of Pennsylvania

Dan Soslowsky – Founding Editor – Drexel University

Noah Stern – Founding Editor – University of Pittsburgh

Sophie Cohen – 2021-2022 Editor – Dartmouth College

Noa Garmaise – 2021-2022 Editor – McGill University

Kai Nelson – 2022-2023 Editor – Harvard University

Nina Patel – 2022-2023 Editor – Binghamton University

William Herff – Curator – Duke University

Natalie Parker – Curator – Columbia University

Eli Osei – Columnist – Yale University

Alekhya Rajasekaran – Columnist – Syracuse University

Julianna Reidell – Columnist – Arcadia University

Asher Hancock – Columnist – University of Vermont

Ariana White – Social Media Team – Fordham University

Spencer Armon – Outreach Officer – Washington University in St. Louis

Harrison Mazer – Outreach Officer – Rutgers University

From writers to illustrators to marketing aficionados, the site has been home to some of the best high school students from around the world. We thank them for their incredible contributions in helping this website grow.

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