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Our Interview with David Cross

          We are extremely thankful to David and Rachel for this opportunity. David Cross is known for his work in Mr. Show, Arrested Development, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Ben Stiller Show, Kung Fu Panda, his own stand-up comedy, and more. He's witty, poignant, funny, and daring. A joy to talk with, David made the interview electric and exciting. 

          Below is the full 30-minute interview between David and The Milking Cat editors Benji Elkins, Dan Soslowsky, and Noah Stern.


          Thank you again to David Cross for this amazing interview! At the time of publishing, David can currently be seen in the third season of the anthology series Genius in Genius: Aretha (2021) and can be seen as Robert Pyle in the feature film The Dark Divide (2020). 

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