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The Milking Cat Holiday Song

By Noah Stern:

The holiday season is upon us, and whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or some other consumerism-based winter festival, we here at the Milking Cat want to wish you all Happy Holidays and a great New Year. We now invite you to join along in singing the Milking Cat holiday song:

[90-minute guitar intro performed by Sting]


How about Sting everybody??

*smattering of applause*

Okay now y’all ready to get this thing started?

*halfhearted ‘yeah’ from crowd*

Yeah? Lemme hear you! Y’all ready to get this thing started??

*increasingly louder groans from crowd*

Awwwww helll yeah lets kick it!


*lightening sound effect*

Oh my God what was that? Was that lightening?

Bro you literally asked me to play that sound effect

Oh I forgot I’m sorry can we restart?

*assorted complaints are heard from the crowd*


You know what, can we just bring Sting back out?

Do you guys wanna hear more Sting?


*Sting is heard offstage saying that his time is up and he has to leave to make his flight*


Alright well thanks for showing up everybody. I hope you had a great time, now let’s get back to checking out the new Milking Cat uploads. I heard we got a cool one from the collaborative Milking Cat Staff, it’s pretty funny.



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