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How I'm Preparing For Senior Year

By Libby Nook

As my senior year is sadly approaching, I have been dabbling in various activities and strategies to manifest the most positive and nontraumatic year. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. Praying

I’m not religious. But I feel as though chit-chatting with a higher power may be beneficial. You never know who’s listening and who might be able to help your cause.

2. Supplementing

My mother saw on Instagram Reels that writing one college supplement a day keeps the demons away. I have yet to experience any demons, so I definitely recommend this method.

3. Visualizing

Each night before bed, I visualize myself opening my College Board account and seeing that beautiful 1500.

4. Sleeping with the Fiske Guide

Now, please do not get any dirty ideas. All I recommend is either using the Fiske Guide as a pillow or a cuddling partner. Both methods work. I’ve had many positive college-related dreams since I began this sleep lifestyle.

5. Eliminating the C-word with friends

Going into this school year, my dear friends and I decided we would not say the “C-word” with each other in order to create a noncompetitive and stress-free friend group environment. If any one of us says college, we are allowed to spank the culprit on the bum with the Fiske Guide.

6. Distracting myself

I’m well aware of how draining the college process can be. As a way of escape, I either watch southern sororities rush Tiktoks or listen to the entire soundtrack of the Broadway hit Hamilton.

7. Speaking highly of the College Board

“The College Board is so amazing. I love the College Board with all of my heart. I would sell my soul and my loved ones for the College Board.”

8. Creating a backup plan

Finally, in the very off and tragic chance that my methods fail, I have already started crafting various alternative plans: become an influencer, flee the country, or join a cult. I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and pages in the Fiske Guide that none of those outcomes ever occur!


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