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Terms and Conditions

By Eliana Goldenholz

Terms & Conditions

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I, viewer of, give complete permission to to sell and/or publish any information (correct or incorrect) they (inevitably) gather about me while I am skimming their website page(s). They may record precisely how long my cursor hovers over that ad for that optical illusion shirt. They may also record how long my cursor hovers over that cute picture of a kitten batting at a toy butterfly (0.7 seconds more than it hovered over the shirt). With this information, they may notify every kitten toy company of the fact that my cursor hovered over that picture, so that said companies can add my email address (which managed to attain, much to my bewilderment, as I didn’t sign in or anything) to their respective mailing lists. I am not to blame for the eighty-nine email notifications I get immediately after this has been done. In the highly unlikely event that has a shortage of souls, they may take mine. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I agree to the Terms and Conditions


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