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The Struggling Artist

By Benji Elkins:

MARK: I swear André, it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

ANDRÉ: Yeah?

MARK: I mean dead, the crowd was totally dead. No participation, no grunts, no smiles, no claps, no freaking acknowledgment. I mean, it’s completely discouraging. It makes me want to quit music. I bust my ass day after day, writing song after song, and in the end I perform it and the crowd has no response. There’s no respect. The person who introduced me had to remind the audience to clap with a sign. It was a pity gesture.

ANDRÉ: Mark, you performed for an American Sign Language conference. You sang in front of deaf people. They didn’t hear a single word you were singing.


ANDRÉ: So? So it means they couldn’t freaking hear you. How were they supposed to enjoy the show if they couldn’t hear your music?

MARK: Beethoven was deaf when he wrote his fifth symphony. They have no excuses.

ANDRÉ: Mark, what? That doesn’t follow at all.

MARK: I knew I should’ve sung in sign language.

ANDRÉ: That doesn’t work.

MARK: What bastards.

ANDRÉ: What prompted you to perform in front of deaf people anyway? Why would they host you? That’s so nonsensical.

MARK: It's just loss after loss for me. I can never get a break! I swear, if my movie premiere at the National Federation of the Blind Convention flops, I’m gonna be pissed.

ANDRÉ: Mark, I think you have a problem.


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