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ABC Announces Family Feud: Dating Show Edition to Appeal to Southern Market

By Noa Garmaise:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Family Feud: Dating Show Edition, which began filming in early November, is officially confirmed to be on ABC’s game show roster for the new year.

“We’re really excited about what we have in the works,” the show’s creator, Mary A. Kausen, shared with our reporters. “It came as a real surprise that we were renewed past a pilot episode, especially when some of our previous projects – The Newly Inbred Game and The Price is Very Very Wrong – were cancelled almost immediately. We’re just so grateful that we’ve been afforded this opportunity.”

ABC advises that all interested families look to their website for eligibility and audition guidelines. A ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page is also available for prospective contestants, as a result of a slight disagreement with the cast of the second episode.

The dispute began when one teenage participant reported to have been paid with a three-month subscription and a bucket of fried chicken instead of a check. “That’s great and all, but chicken doesn’t cover the gas money I need to pick up my step-sister in Louisville,” the 18-year old confessed. “Plus, I can’t even use Ancestry since she made me delete all my dating apps.”

Nonetheless, the controversy was short-lived, and Family Feud: Dating Show Edition has garnered immeasurable positive attention in the past few days. In fact, fans have been lining up with posters on the streets surrounding the show’s shooting location.

Additionally, speculation surrounds the program’s host, who has yet to be announced, but ABC has specified that they’re looking for a sibling duo that promotes the values of the show. Many enthusiasts hold the theory that the Property Brothers will sign a contract in the coming weeks.

“I’ve always sensed a weird tension between the Property Brothers,” said one Feud fiend standing outside the set. “Couldn’t agree more,” admitted the source’s romantic partner and great aunt. “Jonathan and Drew seem to have a very close relationship.”

Mary A. Kausen feels that the show is set up for success. “We’ve already expanded our audience by two hundred percent,” she beams. “Most of our viewers have never actually seen an episode of the original Family Feud. They’re very confused that there’s a trivia competition aspect to the series.”


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