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Baddest Bitch of 2020 Completes Her World Tour

By Dishari Barua:

The most notable influencer of 2020, the SARS-CoV2 virus i.e. COVID-19, has recently finished her world tour.

It has been a year since her debut last December with only 27 stans. At the age of just one, she has achieved world domination and revolutionized the whole world with the hit single, ‘New Normal’. Her power has made “6 months holiday, twice” come true and the introvert community has expressed its gratefulness.

This December, she completed her tour from Brazil, Morocco, London, and Ibiza, straight to LA, New York, Vegas, and Africa, etc. and finally wrapping it up in Antarctica. Currently, all the continents are under her influence. Even after a year, COVID-19 remains untouchable and ever so unpredictable. Her newly released hit in England has started quite a wave. Fans have lauded it as 'Breath-taking ' and 'unparalleled'. Critics have called it a never before seen new sensation - unprecedented and the true highlight of 2020.

However, many people worldwide have chosen to stay away from her work, ignoring her massive influence. Regarding this, the critics have commented that despite the hate she is unaffected, and her catchy new hits remain very popular amongst kids, teens and elderlies alike. So, it looks like Miss COVID-19 is here to stay and it seems like there is no cure for her yet.


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