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BEES: The unexpected side effect of vaping

By Hannah Newton:

The vaping "pandemic" that is affecting teens across the globe has been shown to produce an unprecedented side effect, bees. One poor soul, junior Mackquelliega Mykel speaks out on her tramatic experience. Mykel laments, "I just started to fit in. Everyone else was doing it, I thought I would be fine. After a couple of weeks of vaping, my chest felt like it was humming and the usual [nicotine] buzz I got was starting to feel unusual. It kept getting worse until one day when I using my Juul I went to exhale and a bee came out. I didn't know what to do." Countless other stories are coming to light just like Mykel's. Now, granted, this would not be problematic if it not for the fact that one should not be either inhaling, or exhaling bees. Leading Melittologist Tim Seal concurs: "Based on my years of research on bees, I have concluded that the human respiratory system is not a suitable habitat for their kind." The question now is, how? How are the bees entering the body? Some speculate that after enough vapor has entered that lungs it condenses into solids. The various elements that are in the vapour are the exact ones that make up the chemical blueprint of bees, so it's very plausible. Another theory proposes that the fruity flavors of the e-juices and pods attract bees. The bees fly towards the attractive scent and follow it into an unsuspecting human's lungs. While both hypotheses are based soundly in science in logic, the cause is still up for debate. To prevent any of the world's apidae friends from infecting one's respiratory system, experts have developed a list of precautions:

  • Inhale purified water vapor after vaping to imbalance the elements that make up bees

  • Vape at high elevations so that air pressure is lower and the vapor does not condense

  • Vape in high temperature places so that the vapor does not condense

  • Apply insect repellent before and after vaping

  • If you believe you have inhaled a bee, replace your e-liquid or pod with 100% DEET

  • Chew before inhaling any vapor

As unnerving as this may be, there are ways to prevent this awful side effect. So, stay safe and keep vaping!


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