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By Rachael Smith Usually no school has a rule with no cheez-its. Let me tell you why my school does. As a highschool student you would think everyone was mature enough to handle having cheez-its while eating in the cafeteria. But no.

 One day on my way to the restroom I found a trail of cheez-itz on the ground. I followed it and it took me all the way to the cafeteria. When I looked down at the cafeteria floor there were cheez-its everywhere! The whole floor was covered with them. There was no space to walk inside the cafeteria where you wouldn't hear a crunch beneath your feet.

 I looked at the floor amazed that someone even had that many cheez-its to pull off this prank and that they did it without any of the staff noticing. I made my way back to class and a few seconds later the bell for lunch rang. We have over 1,000 students in the highschool so I knew that this cheez-its thing was going to be bad. When I finally made it to lunch I overheard other students talking about this incident. It was a freshman, of course. They were having a cheez-it war! Some even got very hurt during this event. Eyes were poked out, people were slipping on the cheez-its, and they had even ruined my new Jordan 4’s I was wearing by getting all stuck in the bottom. I needed to get to the bottom of this, because this is not okay. These freshman kids are going to get our lunch taken away from us! 

The next day, when I had arrived at lunch it looked like a massacre. There were cheez-its flying everywhere, boxes and all. This needed to end and it needed to end now. I knew this was my time to shine, I was going to save Timberland’s lunch time. I dropped my stuff, and ran over there. Yelling “Hey! Knock it off now little kids!” But instead, these demon kids started to attack me with these cheez-its. They were throwing them at me and even threw the boxes at me! I curled up in a ball on the floor and cried until I was saved by my best friend Neeley. She picked me up and ran. We had survived, we got out of there. 

And from this day on, due to trauma and excessive cleaning, cheez-its are banned from Timberlands lunch room, for good.


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