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By Benji Elkins:

Colonial Williamsburg, the living history town in Williamsburg, Virginia, is beloved by many history buffs and middle-aged white people alike. Known for its period houses, taverns, and of course staff, visitors can always be met with the pleasure of seeing a diligent reenactor dressed as a colonial housemaid or gentleman. The spirit of the town and its reenactors who embody it truly promote its reputation as a town of living history across the nation. Unfortunately this reputation has been misunderstood.

Only this past Sunday, history geeks Ben Abramovitz and Sam O’Heanny were ecstatic when they heard about the city where the 21st century never arrived and decided that was where they would go for Spring Break. Always eager to live out their historical fantasies, the moment the two caught a breath of the hot Virginia air and stepped foot outside their Subaru hatchback, the boys were ready to scream with delight. That is until they realized that the constant 18th century theme of Colonial Williamsburg did not exactly line up with their own costumes. The two reported they were starting to feel a little self-conscious in their 4th Century B.C.E Togas. “I was the only one with my nipples showing!” reported Mr. Abramovitz. O’Heanny was also disappointed in knowing he could have made use of his extensive tights and stockings collection had the two ended up dressing from the correct era. Having only packed togas, tunics, sandals, and loincloths, it was a rough Spring Break for the two boys.


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