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I’m Not Like Other Girls

By Anka Chiorini:

Guess what, guys. I’m not like other girls.

Sometimes, I wear bandanas and overalls. I guess I’m just quirky like that.

And other times, I eat tofu at lunch. I’m so #unique!

You know, not a lot of other girls would paint their fingernails all different colors, but, like, I would.

And other girls wouldn’t paint messages on their enemy’s bathroom mirror in blood. Not human, of course!

And there are a lot of girls out there who wouldn’t murder pigs just to get their blood in order to write messages on Ashley’s bathroom mirror. Did someone say “special?”

I’m so different from other girls because I drive a VW Bug! It’s yellow like a daisy!

I’m also so different from other girls because I have a horse head in the trunk of my car to put on Ashley’s doorstep.

I don’t know any other girls who would make a voodoo doll of that fucking bitch Ashley.

Sometimes I just like to stab the Ashley doll in her little doll face over and over and over again. Um manic pixie dream girl much?

And sometimes I miss the doll and stab my hand, but it doesn’t hurt. No, it strengthens me. I feed on the pain. It makes me stronger, smarter, more able to take down Ashley. I guess I just think outside of the box like that.

One day, I will take down Ashley. She will be DESTROYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, regular girls don’t get arrested for attempted murder. I guess I’m just not like other girls <3

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Jamonta barclay
Jamonta barclay
May 07, 2023


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