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“In hindsight it was a bad idea,” admits SAT Proctor After Operating Jackhammer During Exam

By William Herff:

Expressing his regret, veteran exam proctor and part time Construction worker, Greg Daniels, told reporters Saturday that his decision to operate a jackhammer during a class’ taking of the SAT was “in hindsight a bad idea.” Tired of playing Angry Birds on full volume, Mr. Daniels noted the decrepit state of the classroom’s tile floor while students were hard at work during the math (no calculator) section. “The tile in this classroom is repulsive,” said Daniels, not attempting to conceal his disgust for the floor. “If I didn’t do anything, my day would surely be ruined.” Dipping out of the classroom briefly, Daniels returned, helmeted and ear-muffed, with jackhammer in hand and broke ground on the project. According to Daniels, “The students were clearly pissed, but hey, it's not like this test is like the most important test of their lives.” Lacking the 3x4s to finish the job, Daniels concluded that his decision to operate the jackhammer was “a bad idea,” as he deduced he was leaving the room in a worse state than he found it. Unfortunately, coverage was cut short as reporters were shooed out of the room just as quickly as they were let in. Mr. Daniels proceeded to lambaste the reporter’s questioning as “way too disruptive for the testing environment.”


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