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Jim's Van Service (Philly Based)

By Benji Elkins:

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Jim’s Van Service (Philly)

For just $40 a day, I will park my falling apart, rusted, and almost dead 2000 Chevrolet Express outside a house of your choice. I have also made sure to cover the windows up with cardboard from the inside and stuff the front windshield with old tissues, happy meals, and clothes to enhance its beat up effect. Parking the car outside of a friend, or enemy’s house is sure to elicit great reactions such as “Whose car could that be?,” “Am I being stalked?”, “I’m calling the cops”, and “Honey, hide the kids upstairs.” Can start any day, email me at or 657-555-2737. Read some of my reviews!

“Absolutely awesome! Fooled the wife!” - Tim S.

“Splendid! Spooky and saves a spot in my street for when I need to park!” - Mylissa R.

“Very Enjoyable” - T.K. M

“Awesome, I’m gonna put this in front of my friend’s house tonight! He is always bragging about how incredibly anxious he always is and how he keeps a fully-loaded pistol with him at all times that he will use on sight if he feels threatened in the slightest. What a show-off. Bet he’ll be scared tonight! HAHA!” - Jakey B.

“Fun little prank.” - Anne K.

UPDATE: Jim’s Van Service is no longer in operation after the death of an employee.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers


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