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Just Out of Reach

By Benji Elkins:

The needle rises as I press hard on the pedal

Two green lights, the third turning yellow

I press down harder and faster, my forehead grows damp

I clench my abdomen, beginning to cramp

I breath heavily, my pains I attempt to quell

Yet I can’t help it, my wife says it’s beginning to smell

The windows roll down, my seatbelt unbuckled,

I was clenching before, but now the effort has doubled.

I flash my blinkers and turn to my street,

Salvation! Salvation! How glorious to meet!

The gear switched to park, I make for the door

Hoping to make my suffering no more.

I’m feet away, inches just yet

But the bowl just seems to be farther away the closer I get

But I smile and laugh, as I know liberation is here.

But then, it’s too late, I feel a wet lump in my rear.

I look to my wife, she gives me a frown

And I give a sorrowful pout while my pants are still down

And still we both know that the next time’s not too far

When I speed and cry and shit my pants in my car.


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