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Learn to Use the Blindspot

By Amelia Ell Part of surviving the daily horrors of high school is learning what to pay attention to and what to banish entirely from your perception. Masters of this skill are so capable in their ignorance that they can run into their ex from freshman year, recede deep into their own shame until their bodily particles no longer exist in our realm, and phase through that humanoid cheese string like a ghost passing through a wall with chin acne. Even as amateurs, everyone is born with a blindspot discovered by covering one eye and moving an object to a specific position and distance in the peripheral vision. This phenomenon has a scientific explanation involving the retina, the optic nerve, and the little spectacled fairy gnome that cursed you as a small child, but this article is all you need to figure out how to find yours.

With your newfound superpower, here are some ideas on how to optimize your high school experience. (Try it! Look at the image on the left, cover your left eye, and bring your device closer to your face until the image on the right disappears)

Blindspot: The rapidly approaching deadline for your physics paper.

Field of vision: The cute little guy from the no wifi dinosaur game.

Blindspot: Those kids in the corner of the caf testing how many finger sausages they can fit in their mouths Field of vision: Your own lukewarm sandwich.

Blindspot: The couple that makes out in the very public hallway.

Field of vision: The floor.

Blindspot: Eye contact with the teacher whose class you skipped last period because, in a moment of panic, you “sprained your femur” and, “No, really, my mom called in about it.” Because as terrifying as he is, he definitely wasn't going to check.

Field of vision: (seen here played by Kermit the Frog) Literally anything else.


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