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Middle School Chain Mail

By Libby Nook


⬇️Read it all⬇️

❗️❗️I usually hate chain mail but this one ACTUALLY WORKS.❗️❗️

If you want to be hot, smart, and super cool, follow the 10 steps below! 😍😋 (P.S. these tasks will test your limits. Only the best fit to be cool can succeed)

Do a handstand in your shower for at least 12 seconds.

Use Auntie Anne's cheese dip as hand moisturizer every day for three weeks.

Break a Guinness World Record.

Take a picture in front of your crush's house - It will help connect you two (send the picture to the person who send you this text)

Start a super secret diary and journal in it only on nights of a full moon.

Create a high-intensity Zumba dance routine to SICKO MODE (also send a video of you doing the dance to the person who send you this text)

Adopt a dog, breed it, and sell its puppies on the dark web for profit.

Host a sleepover (invite the person who sent you this text)

DM a celebrity and invite them to your sleepover

Give 24 compliments today #spreadkindness

⏰Send this to 32 different people in the next hour⏰


If you ignore this you will be cursed by both God and Satan and forced to live a life of utter shame, embarrassment, and pain until you die a treacherous death before roasting in the pits of hell. 🔥😭💀

A girl ignored this last year. She got run over by a forklift in her middle school's parking lot and then airlifted to a hospital, which burst into flames only minutes after her arrival.

You DON'T want to be that girl!!😆💖🌈


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