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My Take on Childhood Shows

By Rose Aune

Winnie the Pooh: An icon of body positivity. 

Syd the Science Kid: when your mom tells you that you can be anything you want and you choose Bill Nye 

Spongebob Squarepants: Free lessons in sarcasm, courtesy of Squidward.

Team Umizoomi: most likely sponsored by Cool Math Games. 

Sesame Street: sets unrealistic expectations for neighbors everywhere. 

Arthur: the most personable aardvark I’ve ever seen. Icon. 

Curious George: the man in the yellow hat is a suspicious figure. 

Sophia the First: how can a princess have such a limited wardrobe? 

The Smurfs: we all wanted to be Smurfette. 

The PowerPuff Girls: the least intimidating superheroes ever. 

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius: what’s up with his hair? 

The Amazing World of Gumball: a classic. 

Doc McStuffins: solely responsible for the rise in med school applicants. 

Peppa Pig: proof that working-class families just don’t exist in America. 

Dora the Explorer: an entire show dedicated to walking. 

Strawberry Shortcake: when you’re eating dessert and your producers tell you they need a show idea.

Go, Diego, go: nepotism. 

The Garfield Show: every fat cat’s dream

Bubble Guppies: when your teacher loves the spotlight.


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