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My Thoughts on Sleepless in Seattle

By Akshara Shukla:

I watched Sleepless in Seattle for the first time only a week ago. I am sure you're wondering why I decided to watch it at the ripe old age of almost-seventeen, so I’ll answer that question right off the bat. I don’t have any objections against this particular rom-com. It’s quite popular — everyone raves about what a romantic movie it is. It’s just one of those things I never got to doing. You know, like how you make a New Years resolution to go to the gym every day, but then quit after only a week because who has time for the gym? Just like that.

I finally decided to watch this movie because I was looking for something to do on a lazy Tuesday. The plan was to binge-watch the Hype House show for shits and giggles, but I was *sway*ed by my sibling into watching Sleepless in Seattle because it will soon be taken off of Netflix. This should've been my first sign — why would they be taking off a brilliant movie? — but at the time, naive Akshara didn’t know any better.

Sleepless in Seattle was not what I expected. At all. The premise of the movie was cute — a widower (Sam) is trying to get back into the dating world with the help of his eight-year-old son when a woman stuck in a loveless engagement (Annie) hears him on the radio — but the execution was downright creepy.

First off, Annie Reed (played by Meg Ryan) is a little too much. She internet-stalks Sam (Tom Hanks) — but that’s normal. Who hasn’t looked up someone they like? But Annie takes it a step further and hires a private detective to take pictures of Sam. Yes, you read that right. She hires someone to take a picture of a man across the country. A man she has never met, never talked to, only heard on the radio, which is quite literally the textbook definition of being a stalker. All this is considered normal. I'm having traumatic Bollywood flashbacks of Salman Khan stalking women and not letting them go till they "just give him a chance."

Not only that, Annie finally decides to fly thousands of kilometres to stalk Sam in person. And then she barely even talks to him — only runs back home after creepily watching Sam and his child playing on the beach.

The only redeeming part of the movie was Sam's son's friend, Jessica. She used the weirdest abbreviations (H&G - Hi and Goodbye), stole money from her mother, bought a plane ticket to’ NY,’ and didn't get into any trouble. My role model — and she was only 8!

Those are mostly the thoughts I had on the movie! Drop a comment about what you think of Sleepless in Seattle, and I will judge you accordingly.


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