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Not a Poem, A Composition of Rhyming Phrases That Are Not Insecure About Their Identity

By Asher Hancock:

Disclaimer: This is not a poem; any rhymes are unintentional.

The man walked into the restaurant, and brought his date a rose

But for the woman he loved that wasn’t enough, so he prepared some eloquent prose

The man had studied the greats, Dr. Seuss and Taylor Swift

He wrote some words down from the heart, greater than any gift

Disclaimer: You may have become entranced by these rhyming phrases but don’t be a fool. It’s not a poem.

They sat at the table and vibed, just chatting and hitting it off

He decided it was a good time, and cleared his throat with a cough

The woman turned and ran, screaming “This guy has the China Virus”

He sat confused, for all he had, was words written on some papyrus

The man stood up with confidence, and proudly whipped out his scroll

He began screaming the words to the woman, who had escaped down a manhole

He then took a seat and asked himself, “am I in a poem about a poem? That’s so lame”

Ok I told you it’s not a poem, but don’t diss my poem all the same

The man looked for the source of the voice, he looked far and wide

It took him some time to realize, the voice had come from inside

I’m in your head you dummy, just try not to freak out

“Do I have schizophrenia?” the man exclaimed with a shout

I promise you’re totally fine, you don’t even really exist

“That doesn’t make me feel any better, it’s actually quite the plot twist”

The truth is I made you up, with a few swoops of the pen

“Being fictional really sucks, can I get an amen?”

No you may not get an amen, but cheer up my fictional friend

“You trapped me inside of a poem, how’d you expect this to end?”

Don’t worry your life will continue, until I can’t write anymore

“Just never stop writing more stanzas, that’s not too much to ask for”

It seems you know too much, I must bid you adieu

This number has been disconnected, “what am I to do?”

The man was trapped in the poem, imprisoned for the rest of time,

It wasn’t really a poem though, just a composition of phrases that rhyme


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