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On College Names

By Akshara Shukla:

As the college search for juniors across the world starts to begin, I thought it would be fun to talk about weird school names you might encounter while researching colleges!

1. Colgate University

This one had to be up here. The story of renaming the college is wholesome — the Colgate family gave extended financial support to the college, so they decided to honour them — but really? The college shares its name with a toothpaste brand. Imagine if Kleenex University was a thing.

But if they gave out free toothpaste, that’s another discussion…

2. Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis and University of Maryland University College

These names really irk me because of the extra 'University's. It sounds like the colleges are trying way too hard to convince us that they are accredited universities. Hmm, I’d be suspicious.

3. Cornell College

Despite what you may think, Cornell College was established before Andy Bernard Cornell™. Now, why haven't they sued? Probably because they can direct mistaken students to their college.

4. Bath Spa University

This name genuinely sounds like a communal bathhouse from the 1500s. But the real question is: are you mad at that?

5. DePauw University

Honestly, the name sounds SO cute! It sounds like the perfect name for a fluffy puppy — not so much for a university, though.

6. Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Where? Indiana? Pennsylvania? Transylvania?

7. Ball State University


Courtesy to A2C for giving me this idea :)


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