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Patty O’Donnell: Pet Psychic

By Noah Stern:

About Patty

Patty O’Donnell has been practicing psychic readings and spirit communications with pets for over 27 years. Her work has generated tens (10) of positive Yelp reviews as well as several appearances on public access television across the state. See her statement below:

“From a young age, I always knew there was something different in how I interacted with our household pets. As a clairvoyant, I have the innate ability to see the vibrant, geometric patterns of people and animals’ auras and feel sound waves. My mediumship was truly revealed to me during an interaction with our family parakeet, Jeanine. When Jeanine was upset, no one in the house knew what to do. We called bird expert after bird expert trying to calm her down. Eventually, I was able to use my abilities to communicate directly with her and relay soothing vibrations.”

And on her process:

“From every pet there emanates a unique aura which I am able to tap into and make copies of their thought crystals. The size of the pet has no bearing on their sonic vibrations. For example, the frequency I feel from a frog may even be stronger than that of a house cat. Through love, the vibrations I can send to an animal make them feel at home and valued.

Listen to the full 3-hour podcast in which Patty breaks down her procedure here.


I now use my abilities to help the owners of various types of household pets, dead or alive. In just one session, I can help your pet improve in their:

-behavioral issues

-eating habits



-sleeping pattern

-and more

Book a Session

All sessions take place over the phone due to allergies. Prior to a session, some physical manifestation of your pet (hair, feather, shedded scales) must be mailed to my office in order for me to better visualize your pet’s energy and align our respective vibrations.

Please contact me through my business email in order to schedule a reading.

Rates: $120 for half-hour session (one pet, alive)

$200 for half-hour session (1-3 pets, alive)

$140 for half-hour session (one pet, ascended)

$220 for forty-five minute session (1-3 pets, majority ascended)

*There is a $30 lateness fee if you are over 5 minutes late to your appointment, as I have a very involved, extensive pre-session ritual that I must do over in part.

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