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Ranking Texting Abbreviations

By Akshara Shukla:

It’s time to rank some of our favourite (and not-so-favourite) texting abbreviations. We’ve all heard of omg and idk, but have you heard of otoh? Join us on our journey to find the best texting abbreviations.

20. DH: Dear Husband

Unless you are on a mommy blog (and your name is Karen), I would recommend against using this abbreviation.

19. 2nite: Tonight

D 90z clled & wnt der shrt frms bck.

18. TYSM (pronounced like prism): Thank you so much

While not as awful as a mommy-blog abbreviation™, tysm is down there. However hard you try, tysm doesn't sound genuine — like a :) after a sarcastic text.

17. Thx: Thanks

Even if I were on my deathbed, gasping for my last breath and croaking my goodbyes to my loved ones, I would use the half-second to type three more letters. Please. There is no excuse for using thx.

16. Cya: See ya

Cya just kind of exists. While I get why you'd want to use it in a hurry, it doesn't look visually appealing.

But how perfect would this be for the autocorrect-to-another-word ("see ya!") feature?! It is annoying as hell when Apple does that to omw, but cya would be a perfect fit!

15. OTOH: On the other hand

Otoh is perfect for confusing your friends because it sounds like an actual word. Not much use for this abbreviation otherwise. I would put this lower, but otoh, you could prank your friends with this…

14. ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing

If this were Hogwarts, rofl would receive only an acceptable on its OWLs. I’m knocking off a few points because it doesn’t work in the verb form.

Also, I personally have never rolled on the floor laughing, but you do you! The viral gif of the baby rofling (see? I told you it doesn’t work) is cute, but you probably wouldn’t look as adorable. I think if you stick to it in the text form, you will be okay.

13. STFU: Shut the freak up

Stfu sounds like the combination of stew and tofu, which doesn't sound that appetising to me. But I still kind of want to try it?

12. FWIW: For what it’s worth

Fwiw is one of the fancier abbreviations. It is a little confusing but, fwiw, once you get how to use it, you sound cool. B)

11. LMK: Let me know

This is the definition of what your English teacher means by short and crisp.

10. LMAO: Laughing my ass off

A little too mainstream for my liking, but it’s an OG.

9. BTW: By the way

Oldie but goodie.

8. TMI: Too much information

The perfect way to make your friend stop their gross story just in time! I was against it, until I heard what happens when your underwear falls in a used-

7. LOL: Laugh out loud

Lol used to be at the top of the list till it got unbearable to hear a while ago. Now, it’s only bearable in small doses. The best thing about it is that you can fit it at the end of any sentence to make it sound playful.

6. IMO: In my opinion

A great acronym! Unless you use it to butt into every conversation (like Oscar with his “actually…”), you're good.

5. IRL: In real life

While most things on Twitter are batshit crazy, irl is a nice acronym we’ve picked up from there!

4. JK: Just kidding

Saves your butt when you say something you were not supposed to.

Exhibit A

Jessica (your gf): Babe, was I looking good today? Be honest!

You: Hmm, your outfit wasn’t my favourite.

Jessica: WHAT?

You: Jk!

See? It completely changes the tone. Best cop-out ever.

3. OMG: Oh my god/Oh my gosh

Omg works in almost every shocking scenario.

Me: I broke the flower vase

Mom: Omg

Does not seem to convey anger, though.

2. TBH: To be honest

One of my personal favourites. You can add a q for quite to sound fancier!

1. IDK: I don’t know

It is the perfect way to shorten a conversation.

That’s all for our favourite texting abbreviations. Drop a comment with the weirdest texting abbreviation you know!

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Feb 01, 2022

lovely article! I wonder who wrote it 😌

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