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By Benji Elkins:

LONDON, ENG - On his recent trip to London, Wichita local Dale Green, a victim of Red-Green colorblindness, reportedly sat at an intersection for five hours before figuring out when to drive through it. “Well I usually know what is what in the states because I know their order,” Dale said when asked about his driving skills in the US, “But when I took the trip to London I didn’t even think about looking up which way the traffic light colors were oriented before I left.” In the end, too nervous to break a law in a foreign country, Green decided to play it safe and wait at the intersection, trying to figure out the pattern himself. “I kinda just waited at the light and tried to count the seconds between the colors changing, however then I remembered that England is on the metric system and everything and I wasn’t sure about how they did their seconds.” At press time Green was attempting to return a Granny Smith apple at his local supermarket because he thought it was a Red Delicious.

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