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Shocking Clue Ends James Holzhauer’s “Jeopardy!” Win Streak

By Noah Stern:

It appears the 30+ day reign of James Holzhauer is over. The “Jeopardy!” superstar took the world by storm in the last few weeks, racking up over two million dollars in record time. However, Holzhauer lost last night’s game by failing to answer a startling clue during a daily double.

In accordance with his high-risk play style, Holzhauer put all of his money up for grabs on a Daily Double in the American Literature category. The clue appeared on screen and the entire audience was shocked. Socially unable to answer, Holzhauer was forced to lose his money and, as such, was placed in too big a deficit to get himself out of. The eventual winner of the program was software engineer and amateur hacky sack player Rajesh Goldstein.

In reference to the event, Holzhauer had this to say:

“Yes, I knew the answer, and yes I knew that I put $20,000 on the line to be able to answer it. But I’m not gonna say it on live television.”

Also reached out to were the show’s question editors who must proofread every clue before it airs on TV. They all declined to comment.


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