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Students Forced to Vape in Their Own Bathrooms Now That School Restrooms Are Closed

By Elliot Ginzburg:

Students across high schools in the US have resorted to vaping in their home bathrooms after the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered school restrooms indefinitely. Various students expressed disappointment about having to vape in the confines of their own bathrooms. An unnamed student said, “Vaping in my shower just doesn’t feel the same. I miss occupying the bathrooms and vaping during class.” Other students were upset about not being able to “pass the Juul” over bathroom stalls to their friends and fellow classmates.

Many students who vape are eager to be in the building once again to resume vaping together in the bathrooms. When polled on whether students wished to return back to school, students responded with a resounding “Yes.” However, the reason students are eager to return to school buildings across the country is not because of their desire to learn. Instead, students are yearning to once again feel the warmth of their close knit vaping community and the warmth of their bodies after an especially strong nicotine hit.

The Milking Cat will continue to monitor developments to this story.


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