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The Karen

By Ariana White:

The Karen

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The term “Karen”, once a popular baby name in the early ’70s, has now morphed into a term used to describe the subject of some of the most frightening and hilarious videos littered across Twitter. A Karen can most accurately be described as an uptight (borderline crazy) woman who uses her powers of aggression and confrontation to obliterate anyone in her way. The term originated in the early 2010s, evolving out of the proto-Karen: the Becky of the 90s and early 2000s, and now describes an assortment of middle-aged women, mostly across America The Beautiful, who verbally harass families enjoying picnics, people trying to enter their own apartments, and most recently store owners who refuse service due to The Karen’s incessant need to violate mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines. At first glance, a Karen might present herself as an non-harmful, kind, and friendly woman sporting a charming blonde bob and large brown purse. But don’t let her bright smile and excessive hand gestures fool you as she is one of the most dangerous people you will ever encounter. If you do have the unfortunate experience of meeting a Karen during one of her “flare-ups”, a useful survival technique is to curl into a fetal position until help, most likely law enforcement -- you can pray for the national guard -- shows up, and delivers you to safety.


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