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The Mentor Spirit

By Benji Elkins:

There was a rustle by Ian’s bed. A shake of a comforter, bump on the door, a squeak of a handle. Ian opened his eyes and stared up to the ceiling. It was pitch black. “Mommy?” he asked quietly. “Daddy?” he asked again. There was no answer.

He sat up now against the bed board and looked around. His eyes adjusted to the darkness and he began to scan the room from wall to wall. His gaze passed from a chair with clothes on it to an open closet, a shelf of books to a dark mysterious figure, another rocking chair to a window - wait! Ian flicked on the lights and looked towards the intruder

A transparent figure hovered around the room, unaware of the boys frozen body in his bed.

“Ah!” screamed Ian.

“Ah!” screamed the figure.

"Ah" they both screamed.

“Who are you?” Ian asked. The ghost was caught off guard.

“What do you mean?!”

“Who are you? You’re in my room!”

The figure looked around. “Oh yeah. I am. You must be the little kid I’m supposed to have.”

“What?!” Ian screamed.

“Oh, no, that came out wrong. I meant that I’m like your guardian angel. I’m a spirit. A ghost. Like... you ever seen the Sandlot?”

“Yeah, that’s my favorite movie.” said Ian. The ghost began to float around Ian’s room, looking at his decor. “Well it’s like that.” the spirit said. “It’s like that scene with Babe Ruth. I’m Babe Ruth.”

Ian beamed. “Wow! You’re Babe Ruth?!”

“No, no. I’m like Babe Ruth. I’m here to guide you like Babe Ruth guided smalls. Kids have guardian spirits. Like Duke Ellington in Big Mouth?"

"Big what?"

"Oh you're too young. I’m here to impart my wisdom onto you kid, help you make your life decisions.”

Ian thought for a moment. “So you’re kinda like my mentor. Cool... Are you dead?”

The spirit nodded, pleased Ian was beginning to get it. “Yes exactly. But I’m not dead necessarily, I’m just a spirit, the soul of a person living OR dead, here to help you.”

Ian smiled. “Wow!”

“Yes, wow.”

“So who are you then?” Ian asked. "A famous baseball player? My dad or my brother who's at college or something?"

“I'm Kevin Spacey.” the ghost said. “We’ll be getting to know each other very well.”


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