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Types of Band Kids

By Rose Aune

The Leaner: you know the type. The one who leans all the way into the music

stand, and stares at the music like they are trying to decipher hieroglyphics.

The Corrector: has a doctorate in music but has decided to hide as a high

school student just to help you out.

The Faker: for some reason, they play dramatically, but no sounds come out?

The Talker: loves to tell you about their day, especially when you’re trying to

learn the music five minutes before the test.

The Writer: spends twenty minutes writing notes on their music, and

constantly misses cues because of it.

The Phone User: the president of the United States is constantly texting this

person. Why else would they always be on their phone?

The Looker: constantly looking around during class. The walls get more

interesting every day, but they are the only one who notices.

The Reed Adjuster: because slightly shifting the reed constantly is going to

change everything.

The Walker: somehow, this person finds fifteen reasons to get up every class


The Forgetter: their music disappears into a black hole and magically

reappears the day before the concert.

The Stretcher: must have some sort of medical condition. Stretches like they

woke up from a winter hibernation every five minutes.

The Sport Kid: the one who is a bench warmer on the junior varsity team of

your public school and can’t shut up about it.

The Color Guard Kid: not actually in band, but constantly leaves flags in the

band room. Might be concussed?

The Drumline Kid: cult member.

The Breather: every breath is this kid’s last.

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