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We asked 3 “6ft men” what 6 feet looks like and got three different answers

By Benji Elkins:

This past Tuesday, we asked three men who identify as “six-feet-tall” about how tall six feet actually is. Timothy Ramos (New York, New York) responded while holding out his arms, “Well, I’m six foot tall so I’d say six feet is about my wingspan.” Kevin Macterren (Cleveland, Ohio) guessed, “Let’s see... if my eyes are lined up with that mark on the wall, I’d say maybe two to three inches above that is six foot.” And Luke Howell (Sacramento, California) answered, “Six foot? I’m six foot, so that would be my height.”

All three answers were entirely incorrect. Ramos’ wingspan only covered 5’10”, Macterren guessed 4 inches below six foot at 5’8”, and Howell’s answer resulted in a measurement of 5'11". When investigating the sharp discrepancy in the men’s responses, The Milking Cat found that none of the three men were actually six-feet-tall whatsoever, measuring 5’10.7”, 5’9” and 5’11.3” respectively.

The Milking Cat instantly called the homes of Ramos and Macterren to inform their significant other that their relationship had been predicated on a lie. Luke Howell was given a pass by The Milking Cat Survey Team as our lead surveyor stated, “Let’s be real, 5’11” is basically six-foot.”

UPDATE: A thorough investigation into this study is being conducted after the lead surveyor, standing only 5’11”, was caught listing his height as 6’0” in his Tinder bio.


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