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Come Celebrate Memorial Day!

By Benji Elkins:

Memorial Day at the Huxawinney Bridge Collapse Memorial Dam

Monday, May 31, 2021

Join us for a fun gathering to celebrate our country and our town from 2pm - 4pm!

All Day!

  • Make American flags with newly single Mark Yurkins!

  • Tent constructing and deconstructing with newly single Melanie Yurkins (surname soon to be changed)!

  • Folk singing with Steph Collins!

  • Children coloring with Todd Bark!*

  • Tour the Huxawinney Bridge wreckage & dam with expert Katherine Monk!

  • Meet real Native American Reese Edwards!**

  • Child tickling with Todd Bark!***

*To clear up last year’s confusion, please note Todd Bark will be coloring your children.

** Reese Edwards is not a “real” Native American.

***We ask for your child to wait in line patiently for tickling. Children may not be tickled twice without parental consent.


2:30pm - Listen to a veteran

Veteran Al Gryffith tells stories of his employment stocking the canteen at Fort Wickamixon!

2:45pm - Stone skipping over the Monk boy’s body

Skip stones with expert Jeremiah over the believed location of Jason Monk’s corpse!

3:15pm - Clown show/hanging

Annual clown show and hanging. This year’s clown will be played by Ryan Smalls representing Todd Bark-accuser & town enemy Nancy Stein. Huxawinney stands by Mr. Bark in these trying times.

3:30pm - Read aloud of My Brother’s Bridge by Sarah Monk

Read aloud of Huxawinney Library’s “Most returned book” 2013-2017 and “Only book” 2018-2019!

3:45-4:pm - Annual Huxawinney Bridge Collapse reenactment & Jason Monk memorial service.

This year Jason Monk will be played by Xian Wu. Go get ‘em, Xian!

Food Offered:

  • Hotdogs!

  • Hamburgers!

  • Turkey Legs!

  • Jason Monk Fries!

    • Crisp french-fries drowned in cheese.

  • Twinkies!

  • Ice Cream!

  • Jason Monk Sundae!

    • Vanilla & Chocolate ice-cream drowned in hot fudge.

We are excited to see you on a day of fun, patriotism, and remembrance. Ladies, please remember to bring a white t-shirt and a towel.


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