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Local Teen Starts DJ Career by Blasting 6ix9ine Out of His Backpack

By Noah Stern:

It is a quiet morning at Central High School before the sounds of a semi-Mexican gang member screaming the n word ripple through the hallway. American rapper and scholar Tekashi 6ix9ine’s “Gummo” is blaring full volume amid a giant roaming group of Juniors. At the center is upstart school DJ, Emilio Alvarez. His $30 JBL speaker is cleverly concealed inside his red JanSport backpack. Alvarez later reveals that the ingeniously innovative trick is to connect his phone to the speaker via a bluetooth signal and select the “tracks” without ever taking the speaker out of his bag.

As the group loiters in the hallway, they compliment Alvarez on his incredible abilities, and he can’t help but dream about bigger opportunities. “One day I think I might bring two speakers in,” he ponders. “I could, like, get some serious clout out here.” He chuckles, then begins to rap alongside his music. He knows most of the words.

As for any tips he has for aspiring DJ’s out there, Alvarez recommends staying consistent, checking SoundCloud for the loudest possible trap music, and staying out in the hall to play your music even after the bell rings. Before any more knowledge could be collected from the hot young DJ, the interview was cut short by an exasperated teacher hopelessly trying to corral the Juniors and explain to them the historical significance of the n word.


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