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Theatre Kid Stereotypes That I Can Confirm

Theatre Kid Stereotypes That I Can Confirm

By Kaavya Shah

I always thought that movies were exaggerating when it came to the “annoying theatre kid” stereotype. I mean, the loud singing at inopportune times? There’s no way that happens in real life. But, ever since becoming assistant tech manager of my school’s drama club, I realized that there are some stereotypes that are, in fact, very, very accurate. So, let’s list some off:

  1. Everyone speaks fluent Hamilton

During mic check, I thought it would be funny to play “The Schuyler Sisters” from Hamilton to see how many people started singing. And let me tell you, I thought they were gonna blow the roof off the school the way they were scream singing. I have never seen a group of people more devoted to a song in my life. Funnily enough, almost half of these kids take APUSH, and almost all of them are somehow failing. But I digress. Lin-Manuel Miranda, I think we found your new ensemble cast.

  1. The Straight Guy

Ah yes. The one straight guy that got the lead one time five years ago because he could kind of sing the baritone part, and now all he gets are lead roles. The Golden Child, if you will. Parents love him, directors worship him, and the crew makes fun of him from the tech booth because he simply cannot sing.

  1. “I can’t, I have rehearsal”

You would not believe the amount of things I’ve had to reschedule because of tech week. I do worry about the fact that I’m causing an inconvenience to people, but with how obnoxious I am about how long I have to stay at school, they shouldn’t be too mad at me. After much confusion, petty arguments and twenty-something school cookies later, it’s finally time to go home at the blessed hour of 8:30 pm. Then, I’m expected to have the energy to go to my other after-school commitment, shower, eat dinner, do my homework and study, because oh my goodness, I have a chem test tomorrow. And if you’re wondering about my grades, the answer is absolutely not. 

  1. Everyone is always singing

For some reason, I was really surprised to learn that theatre kids actually do sing anywhere, anytime. I honestly thought it only happened in movies. Theatre kids love to remind you that they can, in fact, sing. You know, just in case the five Instagram reels they posted singing to “Watch the World Burn” from Mean Girls wasn’t enough. This one isn’t too annoying in my opinion, because they’re really good at singing. 

  1. Broadway, Broadway, Broadway

Theatre kids are like an encyclopedia for anything you’ve ever wanted to know about any Broadway show ever. They know every single show, every cast member and every song like the back of their hand. It’s really cool, because I personally love learning about new things. I have to admit, I am a little jealous because some of them go to Broadway shows like twice a month. Even though I’m not really into theatre like that, how cool is it to say “Oh yeah, I’m going to see a Broadway show tonight”

So, final thoughts. The next time you see a theatre kid, just remember that they’re more talented and funny than they are annoying (and also, the arts are super cool!)


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